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Here is what people are saying about Michael's Myofascial Release, Therapeutic Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Acupressure, and Energy Healing Sessions.

"I first went to Michael for a massage several years ago. Definitely the best massage I've had around Charlottesville.

Toward the end of 2018, I had a nasty fall off my horse and hurt my hip. I did nothing about it in 2019 because I had lousy health insurance. In 2020, I went to an orthopedic doctor for help. They diagnosed me with arthritis and a labral tear, and the only help they could offer was some medications to treat the symptoms. It still hurt a lot, especially when riding. I decided there was likely some soft tissue damage that the mainstream medical industry was unable to detect. In the fall of 2021, I went to Michael for myofascial release. The results were amazing. Suddenly, everything started to loosen up and there was less pain. This was pain I had been carrying around for three years! I have already stopped taking one of my medications for my hip, and I plan to experiment with trying to get rid of the other one.

So the results are wonderful. Plus, Michael is personable, professional and caring."

Carolyn F., January 2022

"About two years ago I had a very complicated back surgery. While doing physical therapy I heard of Michael Gill. I had reached my goal at physical therapy yet wasn’t happy with how I was feeling or my quality of life physically, mentally or spiritually. I began seeing Michael and all that changed!! He listened to my struggles and instructed me on how to stretch each morning to get most out of each day physically. We also discussed meditation and healing the body through the spirit. I can now walk 3-4 miles a day pain free and know what to do if I feel like I can’t do it. He has also helped me with sleep issues by some simple suggestions and giving me the resources I needed. He explains things somply and instructs me on how to investigate things myself. I see him weekly because it’s what I want not something he pushes. He is a kind soul with magical hands. I have sent many friends and some family to him and they all have nothing but high praises for his professionalism and expertise in what he does!! He has truly been a gift to me! He was put in my life for a reason. That being so I can live my life to it’s fullest capacity!!! I’m so thankful to have found him!"
Jane M., December 2019

"Michael is a true 'earthen spirit'. VERY skilled at discerning what might be bothering a client. He is warm, personable and very professional. I take great joy in making him laugh. Thank YOU, Michael, for sharing your gift of healing with me."
S.S., December 2019

"Michael has helped me on multiple occasions get relief from chronically over-tight muscles and reoccurring muscle spasms. He's incredibly knowledgeable, intuitive and talented. He always offers ideas, info and advice after each session, and I genuinely feel he cares about my wellbeing. He has a calming presence and creates a soothing environment. I definitely recommend him."  
Casey W., July 2019

"[Michael] did a wonderful job addressing not only my complaints, but giving an outstanding massage, the likes of which I have not enjoyed in the Charlottesville area previously. He shared things he noted during the massage, things to be addressed at my next session." 
Katherine S., May 2018

"I felt the benefits of my massage with Michael for days afterwards. His knowledge of fascia and how important it is to work with this tissue as well as the muscles gave me greater flexibility than I am used to after a massage. As well, Michael is respectful and professional. And he provided me with simple and effective exercises/stretches that I can easily fit into my busy day."
- Carolyn M., Thumbtack, April 2018

"Michael is a great massage therapist. He provides a very relaxing quiet atmosphere to help you relax. His technique is awesome - He helped me with some low back and neck pain that I've been dealing with forever it seems. I highly recommend his service."
- Kathy Ga., Facebook, April 2018

"I went to see Michael after taking a fall down a couple of stairs and landing on the garage floor--on both knees. After a couple of days, the pain had spread from my knees to my lower back, and up to my neck. I booked a full 90 minutes with Michael, and I'm so glad I did, as he brought much needed relief to my aching body. In addition to being a mature and dedicated healer, Michael is incredibly intuitive in his work. It continually surprised me how he would instinctively find the subtle knots and tensions--of which I was mostly unaware--and release tension I didn't know I even had. I've had a lot of massages by some wonderful massage therapists over the course of my sixty-six years. Michael is one of the best. I highly recommend him." 
- Irene K., Yelp, May 2018

"Michael is an excellent massage therapist. He was excellent in working on areas I was having difficulty with, specifically my neck and lower back. His energy and techniques were just what my body needed to relieve the pain I get frequently in those areas. I do want to make a point and see him again specifically for an energy session."
- Alisa L., Facebook, April 2018

"Michael is talented, very professional and has a great touch! If you are in need of some therapeutic bodywork or are looking for someone to be part of your self-care team, Michael offers a wonderful balance of deep tissue massage guided by energy and intuitive work. Very thorough and inspired." 
- anonymous, March 2018

"Not only is Michael an intuitive healer, he’s an amazing massage therapist! With his calming presence & compassionate energy, Michael made me feel safe and supported. By providing a safe space I was able to relax and let go so that the techniques he used worked with my body rather than against it. I was very impressed with his professionalism and I’m looking forward to working with Michael again soon!"
- Parker B., Facebook, May 2018

"I was really happy with Micheal's massage, he really took the time to listen to me and worked the areas that needed attention. He was really in tune with my needs and has a very intuitive approach. I highly recommend him!"
- Jackie W., Yelp!, April 2018

"Michael give[s] a good massage.  Was totally relaxed after the massage.  The office and his personality has a very calming effect."
Kathy Ge., Yelp!, May 2018

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