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Manual Lymphatic and Neuro-Lymphatic Therapy

Manual Lymphatic Therapy

Your lymphatic system is designed to fight infection and rid your body of any foreign substances.
Yet, sometimes it gets overwhelmed when exposed to illness, injury, allergies, sinus infections, when we become immobile, or are stuck in a stressful and unbalanced lifestyle.



Benefits of Manual Lymphatic Therapy
- Help detoxify your body

- Reduce swelling and bloating
- Relieve sinus pressure and assist with chronic sinus infections 
- Aid illness, injury, and surgical recovery
- Reduce symptoms, duration, and/or frequency of migraines, Lyme's Disease flare ups, and autoimmune conditions
including lupus, arthritis, chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia
 - Excellent accompaniment to a spring/fall detox
 - Reduce swelling throughout the body 

Manual Lymphatic Therapy is specially developed to primarily move lymphatic fluid, but it also neurologically aids in stress reduction. It uses a light and rhythmic touch and is performed directly on the skin with no oils or lotion.  The experience is very soothing and relaxing.  Many clients report feeling lighter, clearer, and have more energy after receiving regular lymphatic treatments.

Neuro-Lymphatic Therapy

The intention of the Neuro-Lymphatic protocol is to encourage the flow and rhythmic movement of lymph and cerebro-spinal fluid.  This process may help keep the fluid clear of pathogens and protein build up.  The most important roles of the lymphatic system are to help the body maintain fluid homeostasis and to activate the immune system response by hosting B-cells, T-cells, and macrophages that attack viruses and other pathogens.  New research has shown that the brain and central nervous system may be susceptible to physiological imbalances if the lymphatic system is not functioning properly. 

Possible Benefits of Neuro-Lymphatic Therapy
- Reduced cranial fluid pressure found with conditions such as traumatic brain injuries included Post-Concussion Syndrome
- Reduced symptoms of migraine headaches and ischemic stroke recovery
- Regulation of the natural circadian rhythm and improved sleep patterns
- Reduced length and severity of autoimmune flareups such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
- Slowing down of the progression of neuro-degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, Multiple Sclerosis, and Parkinson's Disease   

The session incorporates manual lymphatic drainage strokes with cranial sacral and myofascial release holds.  It is performed with the clients lying face up on a massage table fully clothed.  There are many positive potential side effects such as reduced sinus pressure, reduced neck and back pain, improved digestion, and more.

Lymphatic Drainage-Myofascial Release Combo
Often times, restrictions in the fascial system can impede the flow of lymph through the Lymphatic System.  Fascial restrictions can cause distortion of the lymphatic vessels and undue pressure on the lymphatic organs causing lymph stasis.  In order to relieve the fascial restrictions on the lymphatic system, medical researchers recommend treatment with Myofascial Release techniques.

During a Lymphatic Drainage - Myofascial Release Combo session, I will assess the fascia in various parts of the body, looking for areas of facial restrictions, and address these restrictions using Myofascial Release, which will enable the Manual Lymphatic Therapy be to more affective.

If you are interested in learning more about the fascia and Myofascial Release, please visit my Myofascial Release page here.

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